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Did you know that applying to Centre is not only easy but also completely free?

Whether you’re ready to begin your Centre journey or looking 了解更多信息 about the transformative experiences waiting for you here, we’ve got the information you need to know about the application process, 入学要求, 以及关键的时间表.

2024年1月16日:bwin体育仍在接受申请. 现在申请或者联系一位 入学辅导员 了解更多信息.

马上申请 探索入学要求


If you have a strong interest in Centre and want to receive early admission information, 填写我们的快速预申请, 问一些基本信息, including an unofficial copy of your transcript and a short list of your activities or areas of interest.

通过完成我们的预申请, you’ll receive an early prediction of your admission decision and the likelihood of being selected for a merit scholarship in our official application process. 


  • 我们在11月15日之前接受预申请. You will hear from us about a week after submitting your Pre-Application.
  • Pre-Application results include estimates for merit scholarships only. 
  • 有关财政援助选择的更多信息, contact your 入学辅导员 after completing the Pre-Application form or estimate your cost using one of our tools.
  • 初步申请不能代替正式申请. 被bwin体育正式考虑录取, 你必须使用通用应用程序申请, 这是免费的! 


2024年秋季的初步申请期已经结束. 2025年秋季将于2024年7月开放.




透过“通用应用程式”向bwin体育申请, 如何帮助学生将录取流程简化到1个以上,000所学院和大学同时进行. 申请bwin体育是完全免费的!


bwin体育提供三个申请截止日期. 选择最适合你的选项.





如果你申请得早,你会更早收到通知. (International applicants will receive their notification in mid-February.)




重要的日子 & 时间线

These are the deadlines to consider for starting your Centre experience. Submit financial aid application forms by the deadline of your chosen admission plan. The Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA) and a supplemental Centre 援助 form are required to be considered for financial aid.

应用程序计划 入学申请截止日期 通知 优先资助截止日期 援助的通知
早期的决定 11月15日 1月1日 1月15日 二月初
提早行动 12月1日 1月中旬 2月1日 3月初
常规的决定 1月15日 3月中旬 2月1日 3月初
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If Centre is your top college pick, 早期的决定 may be the best fit for you. 早期的决定 candidates receive admission and award notifications earlier than non-binding applicants.


Students who apply to Centre under 早期的决定 fall under a small applicant pool that numbers in the hundreds. This means the admission staff has more time to really get to know you and to make certain that both you and Centre are a right fit. We’ll also evaluate you based upon your own merits rather than in competition with and in comparison to other applicants. The major benefits of applying 早期的决定 include learning if you’ve been admitted to Centre earlier than all other applicant types and how much it will cost you to attend. 

Students who apply and are admitted 早期的决定 to the College will be awarded the 前沿及bwin体育奖学金 worth $20,000 ($5,000元/年). In addition, students receiving a merit scholarship may stack this $5,000 annual award. Some restrictions apply regarding combining the 前沿及bwin体育奖学金 with premier and special talent scholarships.

神话# 1: Students who apply 早期的决定 can “slack off” in their academic work during the second semester of their senior year. 
真相: Selective colleges can and do withdraw admission offers from a student if his or her academic performance declines significantly.

神话# 2: Students diminish their chances of receiving academic scholarships on the theory that since they are already committed to a college, it will have less incentive to award them scholarships as an inducement to enroll. 
真相: 在中央情报局,情况并非如此. A student who would have received an academic scholarship in the 提早行动 or 常规的决定 processes will be awarded one in 早期的决定.

神话# 3: Students who require need-based financial aid should not consider applying for 早期的决定. 
真相:bwin体育, we are committed to providing students who apply 早期的决定 with the same amount of aid that they would receive if applying via 提早行动 or 常规的决定.

  • Do your homework and know why you are applying to a particular school, 特别是如果你打算申请提前决定.
  • Do not give in to pressure to apply 早期的决定 to a school simply for the sake of applying 早期的决定.
  • 对自己诚实:如果你还没有准备好承诺, 那么就不要申请任何学校的提前决定.
  • 不要把“提前决定”作为“进入”的策略.”
  • If you are applying for need-based financial aid in 早期的决定 or any application program, have a conversation about what your family can reasonably invest in your college education.











如果你是一名国际学生, 你可以加入我们以学生为bwin体育, supportive community where you’ll benefit from challenging academics and personalized attention.




If you’re a transfer student in good standing with your previous institution, 考虑申请bwin体育. Learn about our policy on transfer credits, admission criteria, and more.

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If you were previously enrolled as a Centre student and are seeking readmission to the College, contact the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs for readmission information.

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了解我们校园的最好方法是亲自参观我们! Sign up for an information session, get an on-campus tour, or attend an Open House event.




能够进入自己选择的大学是最重要的. 我们希望帮助实现这一目标. Explore our merit-based and need-based financial aid as well as those offered by the state and federal levels and beyond.